"Behind the Lens" Part 40 The J-Class

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Published 17:30 on 20 May 2020

Just the mention of the J-Class brings excitement and emotions to our minds.Velsheda, Endeavour and Shamrock were the last three remaining J's after the war and in the 80s and 90s there were some great regattas with just the three of them.Endeavour had been a hulk in the river Medina for many years was the first to be restored by Elizabeth Meyer and the the Royal Huisman Shipyard. Re launched in 1989 we were all in awe of her beauty and elegance. They have now been joined by a number of new builds from original drawings: Hanuman, Ranger, Lionheart, Svea etc.

I have photographed the Js in many locations, Antigua, Palma, Sardinia, St Tropez but there is nothing quiet like seeing them in their "home" waters off Cowes.The Americas Cup Jubilee in 2001 was a very special event but some of the best pictures came from their regatta here in 2015.There was one particular day with an early morning start for a Round the Island Race the light was the classic Solent light that my friend photographers around the world think it happens all the time in The Solent.Beken made it famous with his Admirals Cup shots of colourful sunlit spinnakers lit up against a black sky.It happens only once or twice a year but when its does and it coincides with a yacht race its spectacular as shown in the shot of Lionheart off Bembridge.

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