"Behind the Lens" Part 41 Quarter Tonners

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Published 12:10 on 21 May 2020

Some of the closest racing in the Solent in recent years is in the revived Quarter Ton Class. With a fleet of up to 20 boats competing its serious racing but its also still fun and its very photogenic.Most of the action happens at the marks when the boats a very close together and the crews are working on deck.Also it doesn't take much for them to trip up, so the occasional broach is inevitable.

I realise I have been photographing these boats since the '87 Quarter Ton Cup in Crosshaven.This is where I met Marcus Hutchinson and Gordon McGuire for the first time!They were sailing Quest a boat Marcus had designed at Rob Humphreys design studio, they finished a very close second to the Danish boat MacDonalds, if I remember rightly it went right down to the last race.

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