"Behind the Lens" Part 42 Sailing with Elephants

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Published 12:16 on 21 May 2020

One of the more unusual assignments I have done was done on a man made lake far away from the sea. At the Earls Court Boat Show in 1996 I noticed a tiny booth with a hand written sign saying Sail with the Elephants - Sailing Safari on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, I went straight round to Yachting World to put the idea for a feature.

At over 120 miles long Lake Kariba is the largest man made lake in the world, comparable in size to the Irish Sea. The boats were very simple Wharram Tiki 30 catamarans which with their shallow draft and low noise allowed you to get close to the grazing wildlife. But you don't want to swim - there are many crocodiles! 752413 1080x 752405 1080x 752407 1080x 752409 1080x 752411 1080x 752415 1080x 752417 1080x 752419 1080x 752403 1080x 752423 1080x 752425 1080x 752427 1080x 752429 1080x 752433 1080x 752435 1080x 752437 1080x 752431 1080x

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