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    "Behind the Lens" Part 44 - Wildlife Expedition Spitsbergen

    Monday 25 May, today, should have been our first day out in the wilds of Spitsbergen/Svalbard onboard the expedition yacht Qilak.This was to be a guided cruise similar to the Falkland Islands adventure with Pelagic Australis last year, BUT due to the Coronavirus this has had to be postponed for a year. There was a lot of interest in this trip so next year I plan run two trips.There are still some berths available

    Published 15:56 on 23 Jun 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 43 Team SCA

    Its hard to put into just a few words the experience of working with Team SCA in the 2014/15 Volvo Ocean Race.Inspirational and Respect, doesn't seem to sum it all up. The race crew and the shore support were a great team. Onshore the activation program was huge and has become a model for other sponsorships. Here is just a glimpse from some of the thousands of pictures I took of this great team.

    Published 15:46 on 23 Jun 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 42 Sailing with Elephants

    One of the more unusual assignments I have done was done on a man made lake far away from the sea. At the Earls Court Boat Show in 1996 I noticed a tiny booth with a hand written sign saying Sail with the Elephants - Sailing Safari on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, I went straight round to Yachting World to put the idea for a feature. At over 120 miles long Lake Kariba

    Published 11:16 on 21 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 41 Quarter Tonners

    Some of the closest racing in the Solent in recent years is in the revived Quarter Ton Class. With a fleet of up to 20 boats competing its serious racing but its also still fun and its very photogenic.Most of the action happens at the marks when the boats a very close together and the crews are working on deck.Also it doesn't take much for them to trip up, so the occasional broach is inevitable.

    Published 11:10 on 21 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 40 The J-Class

    Just the mention of the J-Class brings excitement and emotions to our minds.Velsheda, Endeavour and Shamrock were the last three remaining J's after the war and in the 80s and 90s there were some great regattas with just the three of them.Endeavour had been a hulk in the river Medina for many years was the first to be restored by Elizabeth Meyer and the the Royal Huisman Shipyard. Re launched in 1989 we were all

    Published 16:30 on 20 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 39 Timoneer

    The regatta crew on Timoneer has always been a tight, loyal bunch.Mostly made up of Phil Wades mates, and the mates of mates, the gathering before the regatta was always a great day. Meeting up with long time friends from different parts of the world, sharing a beer and a catch up.Hearing the same stories for the umpteenth time and inwardly smiling as they seem to get better and better each year. Mr and

    Published 16:21 on 20 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 38 Timoneer

    I have mentioned before the friendships you make sailing can last a long time. Phil Wade was the Mate on Drum and has remained a friend ever since. A partner in the original Pelagic, years and years ago he took we on my first high latitude cruise through the Beagle Channel and Magellan Straits , a life changing experience and I didn't know at the time I would go back there many times. When

    Published 12:26 on 15 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 37 Night Photography

    I think about pictures a lot. Often when I am out walking and I have an image in my mind I go over and over it trying to figure out how to capture it. If there is one recurring technique that has always interested me its night time photography.I had the idea on Drum (1985) to try and show what its like to sail at night.There are many non sailors that think we put the

    Published 12:23 on 15 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 36 Cape Horn

    I have been fortunate to sail around Cape Horn a few times on various Whitbread yachts but one of the most interesting and challenging gigs has been photographing the Whitbread/Volvo boats rounding Cape Horn. In the 97/98 race it was still the Whitbread and I worked alongside Andrew Preece, Richard Simonds, and Eric, we worked from a Chillean Navy aircraft out of Puerto Williams. Nikon lent me a very early prototype Nikon/Kodak digital camera

    Published 12:09 on 15 May 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 35 Adele South Georgia

    I joined Adele in Ushuaia, sailed the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, then to The Falklands, South Georgia and up to Rio, I was onboard for 7 weeks and I will never forget the incredible experiences. Here are a few pictures from The Falklands and South Georgia. The vast amount of wildlife in South Georgia is just incredible and has to witnessed to be understood. There were over 250,000 King Penguins in

    Published 11:58 on 15 May 2020

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