"Behind the Lens" Part 51 Galway 2008/9 Volvo

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Published 12:03 on 11 Oct 2020

Apart from a couple of shots of Puma sending it at the very start off Alicante the 2008/9 Volvo Ocean Race seemed to have light airs restarts in every port.We had to wait until almost the end of the race before we had the chance to photograph the boats really lit up here near the Blaskets on the west coast of Ireland following the restart in Galway.

Working again with legendry cameraman Matt Conner we had three helicopters lined up.The first took us from Gallway around the west coast refuelling a couple of times and into Cork. There we transferred to Castle Airs machine and we picked up the boats off the Fastnet and followed them down to the Isles of Scilly, that's quiet a long stretch over open water in a helicopter, finally landing at Castle Airs base outside of Plymouth.We then flew by plane to Gothenburg. We had a third machine and picked up the boats off the northern tip on Denmark and follow the boats across the Skagerrak into Marstrand on the west coast of Sweden.Busy few days.

Ian Walker is the guest on this Fridays RORC Live Series "Time Over Distance" on Facebook at 1700 UK time.Last weeks interview with Brad Butterworth was a really interesting one and can be replayed on the RORC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RoyalOceanRacingClub/

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