"Behind the Lens" Part 39 Timoneer

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Published 17:21 on 20 May 2020

The regatta crew on Timoneer has always been a tight, loyal bunch.Mostly made up of Phil Wades mates, and the mates of mates, the gathering before the regatta was always a great day. Meeting up with long time friends from different parts of the world, sharing a beer and a catch up.Hearing the same stories for the umpteenth time and inwardly smiling as they seem to get better and better each year.

Mr and Mrs G were great supporters of the Super Yacht regattas, but I got off to a bit of a tricky start with Mr G on with the first Timoneer.He approached me one morning and said "Son what type of film do you use"I replied rather confidently Fuji. His response still rings in my ears "let me tell you, son, during the war I fought against the Japanese, and my wifes maiden name is Eastman" and he walked away.The image of all those red and yellow Kodak boxes came into my mind, each imprinted with the Eastman Kodak name.George Eastman was the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company, he invented roll film and opened up photography to masses around 1888.Mr G must have got over this as I was invited back.

Sadly Mr & Mrs G are no longer with us, but they will always be fondly remembered by the Timoneer crew and the greater Super Yacht world.

This is a pretty random selection of pictures of some of the many crews onboard over quiet a few years 751855 1080x 751853 1080x 751859 1080x 751851 1080x 751857 1080x 751861 1080x 751863 1080x 751865 1080x 751867 1080x 751869 1080x 751871 1080x 751873 1080x 751875 1080x 751877 1080x 751879 1080x 751881 1080x 751883 1080x 751885 1080x 751887 1080x 751889 1080x 751891 1080x 751893 1080x 751895 1080x 751897 1080x 751899 1080x 751901 1080x 751903 1080x 751905 1080x 751907 1080x 751909 1080x 751911 1080x 751913 1080x 751915 1080x 751917 1080x 751919 1080x 751921 1080x 751923 1080x 751925 1080x 751927 1080x 751929 1080x 751931 1080x 751933 1080x 751935 1080x 751937 1080x 751939 1080x 751941 1080x 751943 1080x 751945 1080x 751947 1080x 751949 1080x 751951 1080x 751953 1080x 751955 1080x 751957 1080x 751959 1080x 751961 1080x 751963 1080x 751965 1080x 751967 1080x 751969 1080x 751971 1080x 751973 1080x 751975 1080x 751977 1080x 751981 1080x 751983 1080x 751985 1080x

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