"Behind the Lens" Part 13 Maiden

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Published 13:11 on 13 Apr 2020

The mid to late 80's were a great time to live in Hamble.It was pretty crazy with the King & Queen, Dodgy Eater, Celeb Club, The Pink House etc etc. Maybe it's the same now if you are in your twenties?I hope not, many of us were lucky just to live through it!

When Tracy announced the Maiden campaign I saw it from the start.I saw the highs and lows of trying to get the sponsorship.The reality checks and the sheer determination that Tracy was going to do this.The more people said she couldn't, or the harder it got to see a way through, the more determined she was.

Many of us met up a few months back to see the premier of the movie "Maiden" in Southampton, some are in contact regularly like Howard and Marie-Claude, others I hadn't seen for years. In these days of lockdown I thoroughly recommend the movie Maiden.It's available on iTunes and Amazon Prime and probably other platforms.

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