"Behind the Lens" Part 46 Cowes

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Published 06:57 on 8 Oct 2020

I recently had a request to supply pictures to decorate an office reception area with a Cowes or the Isle of Wight theme. I thought I would share some of these today as it reminds us of how things should be in Cowes at this time of year. Under normal circumstances there would be events going on all the time from April to September, RORC Racing, Round the Island, Vice Admirals, Cowes Classics etc etc unfortunately all the events so far this year have been cancelled, strange times.

The gallery in Cowes is closed too but we are open online with a virtual gallery at https://7957.tifmember.com/p/rick-tomlinson/C188724840/display-galleryas is Chartart at www.chartart.com

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