"Behind the Lens" Part 26 - Dump Truck

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Published 16:12 on 30 Apr 2020

Yesterdays post reminded me of a couple of other shots hiding in my archive.

Dump Truck, the Dubois 54 footer was THE boat around 1990, with an "all star" crew I remember photographing her in The Solent, the Scottish Series, Spi Ouest and La Nioulargue. Lots of fun with a great crew.

Around the same time Dump Truck's helmsman Bruce Savage and Shaun Carkeek (now the successful yacht designer) asked if I could do a few pictures of their Soling to help them raise awareness and funds for their Olympic campaign.By luck the evening we chose for the photo shoot there were great conditions and I took this shot of them crashing through the waves off the Brambles Bank.

I have always been keen to do photographs for young people looking to raise money for their campaigns, it works both ways and I often get pictures for the calendar that I wouldn't have normally taken.

Nikon F4 80-200mm lens, 1000@6.7 Fuji Provia 100 film.

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