"Behind the Lens" Part 24 - International 14 Jumping

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Published 13:19 on 28 Apr 2020

Paul Brotherton and Jerry Eplett sail an International 14 during a photoshoot for Proctor Masts in 2000 off Hayling Island. Pushing the 14 to the limit, they jumped clear of the water (no foils back then). Unfortunately it all went a bit pear shaped moments later when I pitch-poled my RIB running downwind on a particularly large wave, dumping me and the camera with this film still inside, into the water.

Paul and Jerry went to get help. While I waited for a tow-in I knew I had this shot still in the camera so I hung the camera on the now vertical outboard propeller. Once safely ashore I put the whole camera in a bucket of water and took it to the processing lab CPL in Eastleigh, they were able to save the film and process it. It came out a bit magenta but I was able to save the shot.

Nikon F90x/ 80-200mm lens, 1000@5.6, Fuji Provia100 film.

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