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    "Behind the Lens" Part 2 The Card 1989-90 Whitbread

    Going forward from Drum, 4 years later quiet a few of the same crew were sailing the Swedish entry The Card skippered by Roger Neilson with Magnus Olsson and Gurra Krantz the watch leader. One of my memories of sailing on the maxis in the Whitbread was the number of headsail changes we seemed to do.We had three#1 headsails, light, medium & heavy, a #2, #3, #4, #5 and a storm jib.It took everyone

    Published 16:29 on 30 Mar 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 1 Drum in the 1985-86 Whitbread Race

    So this is where it started for me, on Drum I was a crew member and boat builder, photography was only a hobby but I had a few ideas I wanted to try out while ocean sailing, more on that on another post.There were up to 22 crew onboard Drum depending on the leg, so when we were straight line sailing there wasn't a lot to do, so I started taking pictures. In this

    Published 16:14 on 30 Mar 2020

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