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    "Behind the Lens" Part 21 - The Jolie Brise

    Most years I do a photo shoot with the pilot cutter Jolie Brise.One of my favourites is this shot taken at the Fastnet Rock 2013. It came about when skipper Toby Marris asked if I could get a picture of them rounding the rock in the 2013 Fastnet Race. I was concerned that if we attempted this during the race they were likely to round in the dark. (Also I didn't want to hang around

    Published 12:10 on 24 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 20 - Magnus Olsson

    I am not good at remembering dates but each year I know its around this time, and then it came up on The Ocean Race feed, I felt a bit bad. So a day late, Magnus we are thinking of you and it was privilege to have sailed many miles with you. Magnus raced in 6 Whitbread/Volvos, up there with the very elite that have a done so many. He won it on

    Published 18:32 on 21 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 19 Corum The Admirals Cup

    The Admiral's Cups in the 80's and 90's were incredible events, the first one I photographed would have been the 87 edition, I was very much a rookie on the yachting photography scene, the only pictures I had had published were taken onboard Drum.Shooting from a media boat with a load of professional photographers around me was a new experience. They were a great bunch, Daniel, Carlo, Guy, Dan, Roger, Soe etc and again I

    Published 17:52 on 21 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 18 The 31st America's Cup Auckland

    To finish up the week here is a selection of pictures from the Louis Vuitton series and The Cup. Over 120 races were sailed in the LVC with nine teams over a 5 month period. It was a fantastic time to be in Auckland and The Cup is back in there next year, I hope I get the chance to do it all again. 2002/3 were very early days in digital photography,

    Published 12:34 on 18 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 17 The people GBR Challenge

    It's the people that make the Team, the back-room people, the boat builders, the designers the riggers, the sail makers, the sailing crew. Here is a selection of pictures of just some the many people at GBR Challenge. With two boats sailing and all the support needed, at times there were over 120 on the team. If there is a shot of you here or if you think I have one let

    Published 07:43 on 16 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 16 GBR Challenge racing

    Following on from yesterdays post here is a selection of pictures from GBR Challenge racing in the 31 st America's Cup in Auckland in 2002/3. There was some great feedback from yesterdays post, hopefully this will spark some good memories too. My favourite out of these is the shot or GBR crossing ahead of Oracle in Round Robin 1 of the Louis Vuitton Cup and going on to win that race.

    Published 07:32 on 16 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 15 GBR Challenge

    Another great job for me was with Peter Harrison's GBR Challenge for the 31 st America's Cup led by Ian Walker in 2002/3.The boats were built in Cowes but most of the training was done in Auckland.This is a selection of some of the early days photographing with the team.There were many young talented sailors that were given their chance on this program. My favourite picture out of these is the shot of

    Published 07:14 on 16 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 14 Ellen MacArthur

    Racing around the world dodging icebergs and setting speed records with 10 of your best mates is one thing, doing it on your own, non stop is something else. I first met Ellen in the late 90s, she was living in a portakabin outside my office in the car park at Hamble Yacht Services.I didn't know at the time she would become a hero, but we talked a bit and shared a few

    Published 12:13 on 13 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 13 Maiden

    The mid to late 80's were a great time to live in Hamble.It was pretty crazy with the King & Queen, Dodgy Eater, Celeb Club, The Pink House etc etc. Maybe it's the same now if you are in your twenties?I hope not, many of us were lucky just to live through it! When Tracy announced the Maiden campaign I saw it from the start.I saw the highs and lows of trying to get

    Published 12:11 on 13 Apr 2020

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    "Behind the Lens" Part 12 2001/2 VOR The unspoken bond

    The friends you make during a Volvo race can last a lifetime, whether it's the shared experience offshore or onshore there is a common, often unspoken, bond. When a race is over the teams and management, propagate all over the circuit. You can having a coffee, more likely a beer, in Sardinia or St Tropez or Sydney and a familiar face will join you.It's the nod, the handshake, the eye contact, the unspoken

    Published 12:03 on 13 Apr 2020

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