Rick Tomlinson Portfolio Calendar 2017

The 29th edition of the highly acclaimed Rick Tomlinson Portfolio Calendar features 12 spectacular images from recent assignments around the world. Action and art has always been the Portfolio Calendar theme. This years pictures include action from the Round the Island Race, Cowes Week and Quarter Tonners. Art from the J-Class and the Olympics, plus spectacular high latitude pictures from Spitsbergen.

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Rick Tomlinson Desk Calendar 2017

The Rick Tomlinson Desk Calendar is ideal for the office or home. This practical free-standing calendar features 12 different sailing photographs from the major events around the world. Click on the arrows to see the 2017 photographs.

The desk calendar is designed for ease of use, showing the current month plus the months before and after. Tent style. Size 25cm x 15cm

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Shooting H20 Book

There are no career guidelines offered for a life as a marine photographer. For Shooting H20, Rick Tomlinson has had to find his own path. This book tells the story of that journey – from his initial role of boat builder/sailor in his first Whitbread Race in 1985 to a photographic assignment for the National Geographic in his last (1997 EF). Now in its second edition with two additional chapters featuring stunning photographs from the first ever Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup in New Zealand.

208 pages full colour

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Journey of Change - Team SCA Book

The story of Team SCA is captivating, ocean racing has traditionally been the preserve of men, but over a gruelling nine months Team SCA proves that women can compete on an equal footing. This visually impressive book tells the story of a squad of women with one common aim – to race competitively around the world. It gives a unique insight into life on board and the challenges the team face as they took on their global marathon.
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