Rick Tomlinson Desk Calendar 2020

The Rick Tomlinson Desk Calendar is ideal for the office or home. This practical free-standing calendar features 12 different sailing photographs from the major events around the world. Click on the arrows to see the 2020 photographs.

The desk calendar is designed for ease of use, showing the current month plus the months before and after. Tent style. Size 25cm x 15cm

£7.95 + postage & packing, price below includes postage.

Includes UK standard postage
Includes UK Special Delivery
Includes Europe standard postage
Includes Europe tracked postage
Includes World standard postage
Includes World tracked postage
00 Desk Cover.jpg
01 Desk 2020.jpg
02 Desk 2020.jpg
03 Desk 2020.jpg
04 Desk 2020.jpg
05 Desk 2020.jpg
06 Desk 2020.jpg
07 Desk 2020.jpg
08 Desk 2020.jpg
09 Desk 2020.jpg
10 Desk 2020.jpg
11 Desk 2020.jpg
12 Desk 2020.jpg